2/25/2002: Over the last few months, I have been really busy with a ton of work and other stuff, so I have not really found time to do any kind of work on the site. I will definately not have it up by March 18 and probably not until the summer (August 1 seems like a safe enough date for me; that is the date on the counter). I will not go to any new amusement parks over this summer, but I will go on the new ones in my area (I have already been on X at Six Flags Magic Mountain and plan to go on Xcelerator at Knott's). Sorry about the wait.

10/13/2001: Well, I want to get my site back up, but I figure it will be a while before it finally happens, as I have to re-create everything that had been deleted (which took me a long time to do). I think that I will rebuild the site to have ready on March 18, 2002, two years after it first opened here. Of course, the new site won't be here (screw 50Megs!), so when I get everything organized I will determine the new location for my site.

9/21/2001: A month ago, I returned from my summer trip to the East Coast (including three popular amusement parks). I quickly wrote reviews of the parks as well as added to my track record. However, I didn't get my photos up, as I was waiting for them to get developed (I had planned to upload them later that week). On September 5, 2001, I found that I couldn't log into my site. After finding out what was wrong and logging in, I found out that EVERYTHING had been erased, for an unknown reason. I complained to 50Megs. It took three separate complaints and six days (yes, I got my response on the 11th), but this was all that 50Megs had to say:

"I am sorry. I am not sure what happened to all the files on your account, but it does look like they are gone. I have checked and there is no way for me to retrieve those for you. Again I am very sorry and I hope you have a backup of your site. This should not happen again."

I responded again but got no answer. It was absolutely impossible for me to connect with support, and ten days later, I finally gave up. 18 months of work, 379 photo uploads, 22 park reviews, and a comprehensive track record that includes 92 different roller coasters and the order they were ridden had all been erased. They were not backed up because they would take up too much space on my computer, so this is all you'll see of Phil's Coaster Photos for a while. I want to re-create the site, but my interest is slowly declining and I am burdened down by school, so it may take months before everything is back up again. As for the site address, it will NOT be on 50Megs, and I urge everyone interested in hosting a website not to host it here and thus avoid this type of accident. It will take me a while before my anger with 50Megs recedes.

Goodbye for now,